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Faith Janitorial Corporation is a local Rockford cleaning company that was founded in the spring of 1998, and was built/established upon Christian principles. The company started out providing cleaning to a few local businesses/homes in the Rockford, IL area. Within three years of opening our doors we expanded into servicing many major companies in the Rockford & surrounding areas ranging from Healthcare Facilities, Manufacturers, Retail Chains, Offices, Housing Authorities, Churches, and many other industries and non-profit organizations.

Faith Janitorial Corporation also owned & operated a house cleaning division that provided our exclusive “Heavy-Duty Deepcleanings” to many homes, apartments, and complexes. These cleanings are focused on providing the necessary detail cleaning & sanitation needed for homes going on the market for sale, and for customers moving into or out of a new residence. This same division also performed our “Real Estate Cleanings” that offer packages to help a property sell by maintaining its cleanliness and sanitation after a Deecpcleaning.

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Our Rockford cleaning company offers the best results. We provide an array of services to our customers from residential deepcleanings services, office cleaning services, daily janitorial cleaning and proper floor care to carpet cleaning, window cleaning, power washing, and more. Our focus is to build long-term relationships with each and every one of our customers regardless of budget or size. Word-of-mouth has been a cornerstone of our business growth through the years. With our constant fair prices, exceptional customer service, and quality work, we have given our customers something to talk about. Faith Janitorial Corporation is one of the most trusted, reliable cleaning companies in the Rockford area. We believe in being up-front, honest, and transparent with no hidden charges or fees. Our easy to talk to informative FJC Account Managers are attentive and responsive to your company needs and/or expectations. We are always willing to work within your company’s budget or RFP to create a service package that will give you more for less, and that is tailored to your specific needs. If you’re looking for a professional, trustworthy company that is committed to providing exceptional services and understands and appreciates your company as a customer, then give us the opportunity to get to work for you. If image and/or cleanliness matters to you, please allow Faith Janitorial Corporation the opportunity to show how we can serve you!


Advice we give to everyone

Business Owners

For businesses, get at least 2-3 estimates for the services needed for your facility. Compare the explanations of each estimate from the service providers alongside their prices. Determine the credibility of each company’s estimate, and ask each service provider to explain anything you don’t fully understand in their proposal. Getting a thorough understanding of just what exactly a company will be providing in their price is essential. Starting your cleaning arrangement with a new provider can be a stressful or smooth transition depending on your company’s selection. Compare and choose wisely.

Home Owners

For residences, be sure to hire a service provider based on the actual cleaning needs you have. If for example, you simply need a light-duty regularly scheduled maid/housecleaning, don’t hire a provider who will scrub floors and clean your carpets each visit. On the same token, if you are either moving in or out of a home and want your house to be clean, healthy/sanitary, or need a more thorough deep cleaning, then do not hire a maid service to scrub clean your home.

What To Know

There are indeed different levels of cleaning ranging from light duty – for regularly scheduled cleanings, medium level cleaning – which are classified as spring cleanings, and then deep cleaning – which predominantly take many hours, or even days to complete. These types of cleaning typically include the need for several professional services such as: windows and/or carpet cleaning, floor scrubbing/waxing, pet/smoke odor removal & cleaning, heavy-duty attic & basement cleanings, etc. and they oftentimes include everything from top-to-bottom cleaning within a house. These types of cleaning require professionals who are familiar with broad ranges of cleaning challenges for everything from: pet hair and odors, smoke tar removal, wall cleaning/degreasing, woodworking cleaning, interior and exterior window cleaning, professional carpet cleaning, machine scrub cleaning & waxing floors service, as well as numerous other issues involved with thorough cleanings. Please be sure to ask about the detail of service that will be offered by your service provider when getting quotes for this unique type of cleaning. Not every “housecleaning” service offers the same level of cleaning expertise.